The Peshitta

hosea-b The name Peshitta is Aramaic and refers to one of the original and pure New Testament versions. Some believe that the Peshitta is the only authentic and pure text which contains the books in the New Testament that were written in Aramaic, the language of Yeshua and His Disciples. The "Old Testament" and "Apocrypha" are also part of the Peshitta.

The common misconception that the New Testament was originally penned in Greek still persists today in a vast majority of Christian denominations. Most scholars and theologians acknowledge that Yeshua, the Apostles, and the Jews in general spoke Aramaic indeed many instances of Aramaic survive in the Greek New testament manuscripts. However, they still maintain that the New Testament was penned in Greek by the Apostles and disciples of Messiah.

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