Wise Up!

How often do you hear something on the news and without doing any research on your own as to the accuracy of what you just heard you immediately accept it as truth? Is what you believe spiritually based on the same guidelines? Is what you believe spiritually based on what makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside?

If that's true then if you care at all about your eternal salvation you better make some changes and those changes need to come now!

Don't just sit in your church pew week after week or in front of your television listening to the latest and greatest evangelist and believe everything you hear without doing a little research. What if the sermon you just heard on television is wrong in the Eyes of God - what then? Who will have the final word concerning your eternal salvation - your pastor or God?

If you care at all about what will happen to you after you die then wise up now before it's too late. If you don't like what you are reading on this web site - just because it doesn't agree with what you have been told or it makes you feel uncomfortable - don't just shake your head and find another site that says what you're wanting to hear instead of what you should be hearing, prove us wrong - do your research! Why? If you're truly serious about your spiritual walk, many of you will discover what you were taught all these years is based on what man's version of God's Word is and not His True Teachings.

Pray! Ask Holy Spirit for guidance as you do your research! It's your eternity, it's your choice!