Welcome To Blessings4U, May I Help You?

There are many who approach the Throne of God as if they are driving up to an order window of a fast food restaurant. They think they can stop to place their blessings order at the "Blessings4U" drive thru order station. Then after placing their order, drive around to the pickup window where God will reach out His Hand and give out His blessings according to what they ordered. Quick, fast and easy and then they drive off until the next time they need to place an order for more blessings. No obligation, commitment or sacrifice, just supply and demand, they demand and God supplies. It is time this world needs to wake up because that is not the way things work.

We may live in a fast pace world where we expect things to happen almost at the speed of light or we become impatient and often times agitated and frantic, but with God it is not according to our timing but His. God is the creator of time. He can move it forward, make it stand still or even take it backwards. It is His choice not ours. When it comes to asking God for something, keyword being asking not demanding, God knows all things including the best time when He will respond to our prayers. It is all based on what HE thinks is best for us and not what WE think.

What important lesson does God want us to learn when we come to Him in prayer with our needs ? PATIENCE. Look throughout Scriptures and we see how God teaches those who reach out to Him the meaning of patience. Just because we live in a much faster paced world then the way it was centuries ago do we think God needs to get with the times and become a "fast blessings" delivery God? We better not hold our breath because it is never going to happen. Can God act immediately upon a request for His help ? of course He can but it is up to HIM on how and when He will respond not US.

The next time you approach the Throne of God do not act like you are there to place an order at the "Blessings4U Drive Thru" but humble yourself before God, the Creator of all things, and place your needs in a loving and respectful manner at His feet. Always thanking Him for the privilege to even be able to approach Him with your needs knowing He is listening to every word you are saying. Then be patient for His answer, thanking Him that He will respond to your needs according to what He knows is best for you.

God loves you more than human words can say. Rest in His loving arms and trust Him to supply all your needs, as He knows is best for you. Hold firmly to His Words and He will always be with you. ALWAYS! What an awesome and loving God we serve. All praise is given to Him in Yeshua's (Christ) Name.