Does Prayer Really Work?

As I was doing some research on the Internet I came across a discussion area that as I read some of the comments participants were making, I was drawn to tears.

Here are some excerpts from a discussion where a person received an email in which a relative was asking for prayer for a loved one who was dieing as a result of a serious heart attack.

"As a fairly recent deconvert myself, I just like not having to 'wait on the Lord' anymore, and having the permission to go ahead and do what my brain tells me needs doing when there's serious problems."

"She is personally disabled and very religious. I think she finds prayer comforting and helpful. So I assume she feels she is doing a ministry by keeping people updated and the sick prayed for. I personally find it so sad that people don't know a better approach to life's difficulties, and further, that they would condemn me for suggesting more positive approaches. All the same, I'm glad I found something better for myself."

"The whole idea of prayer just infuriates me. I'm surprised Christians even do it. What do they think, that God's sitting up there ready to do someone in, but a lot of people ask him not to, so he thinks, Hey, I hadn't thought of it that way. Okay, I'll change my mind and do what you peons want."

Starting back with Eve in the Garden satan, through the serpent, deceived her into thinking she could be as wise as the "great ones".

"And through the serpent it was said to the woman, "No, you will not die; for it is known by Yahuah (God), that in the day in which you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like the rabrebin (great ones), knowing good and evil."

Throughout the centuries satan has used this same deception on the leaders of denominations around the world tricking them into believing they know better than God. Through their false translations of God's Word and their doctrines, the world's false teachers have decided what is best for their blind sheep to know and not know. What you just read is a small example of the results of these false teachings preached from the pulpits of today's denominational institutions. Satan's influence on these institutions is so evident today. But that is another message in which I have already shared my thoughts.

What I do wish to discuss is prayer, faith and trust in God. All throughout Scriptures is proof of God's love for His Children and His response to their prayers. Do some research and you will see the truth of this statement. Then what has happened? Why do people make statements like we read above?

What is being taught today in many churches and by TV evangelists is a misrepresentation of His Word that you do something for God and He will do something for you. You give them a dollar since they are suppose to be His representative and God will give you seven in return. What a sweet deal. You do a kind deed and He will, in response, bless you seven fold. Kind of like a genie in a lamp but instead of 3 wishes you get seven.

If this is true what does that make God out to be? A person who sits on His throne ready to hand out rewards based on a person's performance. A person who has no concern for the well being of that individual or the results of giving them what they are demanding for themselves.

Is that what God is? Absolutely not!! Our loving Father knows all things. He knows our past, He knows our current situation and, unlike us, He knows what lies ahead for us. Because He knows all things, He is trying to reach out to us to teach all of us a very important lesson - Faith in Him along with patience to trust His timing, not ours. To lovingly correct those who say "I just like not having to 'wait on the Lord' anymore, and having the permission to go ahead and do what my brain tells me needs doing when there's serious problems."

That is one of the biggest problem in today's society when people say "do what my brain tells me needs doing because I do not want to wait". We live in an instant society who demands instant results including from God.

God will not respond to our demands and He is most certainly not influenced by our "want it now" society.

You have a need in your life, which all of us do, then read His Word, accurately translated in the Peshitta, carefully and learn what the real key to prayer is as taught by His Son Yeshua - faith by trusting God for all things accepting that He knows your needs and for us to have patience in God to respond based on what is best for you or for those you are praying for according to His perfect timing and Will.

The Father loves all of us so much He gave His Son to be the perfect sacrifice so that we could have the opportunity to be with Him throughout eternity. Through His Son Yeshua He extends His love and compassion in many ways to all those who trust and devote their lives to Him by living according to His Word.

Are you hurting and do not know where to turn? Then go someplace private forgetting all you have been taught by self proclaimed religious experts and get on your knees and reach out to God just as you are. He is there for you and always has been but He is waiting for you to come to Him with sincerity and faith. I promise you He will respond. Be patient and listen carefully to what He is saying to you. God loves you more than you could possibly imagine. Rest in His arms and feel His love and comfort. It is an experience you will never forget or ever want to walk away from.