Love or Greed?

In 1958 there was a popular song being sung entitled "Love Makes the World Go 'Round". If that song was rewritten based on today's lifestyle it would have to be titled "Greed Makes the World Go 'Round".

If you open your newspaper or watch the news on television what are the top news stories? War, political corruption, corporate scandals, financial crisis, increased crime rates - to name just a few. What is the common factor with all that I mentioned above? GREED.

What about your lifestyle? Is it all about what you can gain in life? In your discussions with others, how often are you using the word "I"? Is your life based on what you can achieve for yourself or what you are doing for others? What single word is your life based on - "Love" or "Greed"?

The time has come for you to take a hard look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you like what you're seeing - not so much on the surface but what is inside of you. What would God's response be to your goals in life?

"What has caused all of the fighting among you? Is it not from the lusts which war in all of your members? You covet, yet you do not possess anything; you kill, and envy, and yet you still do not obtain anything; you fight against and attack others; and you do not have anything because you do not ask for it. You ask, and yet you do not receive because you ask in such an evil way in order that you attend to your desires." (James 4:1-3)