Liven Up!

You listen to the news on television, read local newspapers or look at the headlines posted on the Internet and hear how the economy is failing with the stock market dropping in record numbers, retail sales way down, industries closing their doors resulting in thousands of people unemployed and food prices climbing. You also hear about increases in violence and robberies locally and around the world. In summary this country and the world is in a big mess.

So what does a person do? Does he join the world and put your faith in the campaign promises of political candidates or a specific government and the financial bail outs they come up with? Do you sit around worrying while trying to figure out some answers to keep your head above water?

If your faith is in what man can do for you then do not plan on seeing any real solutions come your way.

So what's the answer? One person - Yeshua!

Those of you who have dedicated your lives to Yeshua and His Word already know everything that is happening in the world was foretold. Yeshua told His children not to worry because it changes nothing. As Yeshua's child you need to stop concentrating so much on the world and all its problems or you will end up thinking like the world. Turn off the TV, put aside your newspaper and walk away from your computer and open Yeshua's Word and read. Then go outside and look around at His creation. Look at all the colors of the Autumn season. Listen to nature and all its sounds. Then remind yourself that the Person who is the author of the Book you just read from and the creator of all that you see and hear as you walk outside is the Person who is in control of your life. If you are His child there is nothing to worry about because all things are in Yeshua's Hands.

Liven Up - everything is going to be just fine because Yeshua is with you ALWAYS!

"Behold! I am with you all the days until the end of the world." (Matthew 28:20)