A Glimmer of Hope

It is a mean season right now. Whether what is causing you stress is the economy, or the overall lowered spiritual, moral and ethical behaviour in society, there is more than enough fear to go around.

But is that our lot? Is this where we have to live? In fear and depression? No.

Sometimes, when all around you seems dark and foreboding, that is when you can see that glimmer of hope. The promise of peace and joy that are just off in the distance.

We suffer when we look to the world to define ourselves.

It is in times of hardship that seem to drive individuals to look within, some for the very first time in their lives.

When the prospect of amassing wealth, or investing in vain pursuits or wasting our energies on convenience are no long available to us, then it is time to look within and ask some very important questions of ourselves.

Is this who I am? Is this all that I am? Has all my life, up till now, been to be a mouth breather? Living to eat, excrete, mate then die? An animal does this and has no prospect to become more than this. A human is designed to transcend this state but more often than not, in conduct that animals are too sane to manifest, humans makes themselves lower than the animals with debased behaviour.

There is a divine spark in each of us. For many this spark is smothered by our pride, our vanity, our lust, our greed.

The world has been smothered in humanity's pride, its vanity, its lust and its greed for a very long time.

We are living in a time when we are reaping the whirlwind. The effects of our thoughtless causes.

When you look within, you need to bypass the search for solutions as to how to amass wealth once again. How to acquire more vanity items. How to get back to wasting our precious moments on the earth before we enter the grave.

No, we have to get to the real questions. The questions each of must ask ourselves. The hardest questions of all "Who am I? Why am I here? What is my life about? Is there a purpose to my existence?"

Society doesn't want you to look within. It is much happier to have you waste your time on vain pursuits. Spend every fleeting moment on acquiring money to buy disposable goods and running after hollow activities.

Your answer lie within. Real Life is not about materialism, or lust or greed. These are symptoms of disease in an unhealthy society.

Yes, you can keep your fingers crossed and hope for a turn around in the economy, or that humanity, somehow, will get bored with deviant behaviour and somehow, magically, adopt virtuous conduct and civil society can get back to the rat race everyone is so familiar with in modern society.

Or you can nurture that divine spark within you. The one that reminds you of a state of being that is beyond this chaotic mess. Ask the questions and wait for the answers. You may head down roads less travelled but they will take you to a better place in the end.