Are You Willing To Change?

bible-romans Are you prepared to accept the fact that possibly what your Church is teaching is not according to God's Word but their interpretation based on your church leader's personal agendas through the centuries?

If Holy Spirit revealed to you in God's Word and with proven archeological findings information that directly contradicts your church doctrines or what you have heard from your pastor or theological teachers, who would you believe your church leaders, your pastor, your teacher or even the media - or God?

Think about that question very carefully and what your answer will be because many of you will be faced with that decision very soon.

The time for debating is over. The time of twisting and manipulating God's absolute Word to meet your personal needs has ended. God is not going to be forced into a box you have designed for Him. God is not going to do it your way or your church's way.

Remember, the only thing at stake, based on your decisions, is your eternal salvation or lack of. It's your choice to decide once the facts are before you. God's is not going to change.

If needed, are you willing to?