Are You Ready?

man-in-window If a man came up to you that you had never seen before and asked you "are you ready", what would you say?

Ready for what? What are you talking about mister? I do not even know you so why are you asking me that question... get lost. Or would you simply walk off and ignore the man? You might even walk off and call the police on your cell phone to report that a man was harassing you.

If you were a businessperson you would ask the man to write his proposal down on paper and submit it to you for review sometime in the future when you have the time.

Now what if in your prayer time Yeshua asked you "are you ready"? What would be your response?

In Scripture Yeshua walked up to His Disciples and asked them a similar question and they did not know Him at the time. Look at Matthew 4:18-22:

"And when he was walking by on the side of the sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers: Shimon, who was called Keipha, and Andreos, his brother, who were casting nets into the sea; for they were fishermen. Yeshua said to them, 'Come after me, and I will make you so that you become fishers of the sons of men.' And at once they left their nets and they went after him. And when he crossed from there, he saw two other brothers, Ya'aqub bar Zavdi, and Yochanan his brother, in a boat with their father Zavdi, who were mending their nets. Yeshua called them. And at once they left the ship and their father, and they went after him."

Look at what all 4 men did in response to a simple question. They walked away without question from their jobs, their income, and followed a man who simply said "follow me", nothing more.

In Matthew 9:9 when Yeshua first saw Matthew. "As Yeshua passed from that place, he saw a man whose name was Mattai [Matthew], sitting in the custom house, and he said to him, Follow me; and he got up and went after him."

Again we see a simple question asked and without question Matthew walked away from his job and followed a man he never seen before without question.

Now whether the question is will you "follow me" or "are you ready" what would be your response if you simply heard this in your thoughts? What would you say?

If you knew without a doubt it was Yeshua asking the question what would you say then?

Would you walk away from everything you have and respond to His call to follow Him? If He asked you "are you ready" would you simply say yes or would you answer by saying "ready for what Lord"?

No matter which of these question Yeshua asks you, if you truly trust Him, you would simply say YES.

If you have given your life and all that you have to Him why not say yes unless your yes was with conditions attached to it.

All throughout Scripture Yeshua in various ways said to have faith in Him and to trust Him. Do you, no matter what He asks of you? We ask so much of Yeshua when we pray to Him yet He asks so little from us in response.

If He asked you "Are You Ready" what would you say?