Appreciating Loving Kindess

Great is Our Father who gives His children such beautiful and wonderful gifts within His creation. He gives His people the love of their family, children, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers and so much more. There is nothing that humankind can do to ever pay for the gifts that the Creator bestows upon His children. How could anyone ever fathom the gift of life that the Son of God gave unto those who serve Him and truly love Him wholeheartedly? It is impossible, but what a child of God can do is bring to mind, on a regular basis, these gifts and meditate on them, and show our appreciation and thankfulness for all that He does within our lives.

Have you ever spent a lot of time choosing that perfect gift for a special person in your life and after you gave the gift to them, they seemed to have no genuine appreciation for it? Or perhaps they quickly forgot the generosity in which you manifested toward them. It can be a hurtful feeling. How does the Creator of the universe feel after He offers the perfect, sinless life of His own Son to ransom His creation from darkness and guilt, only to see His creation turn their back on Him?

How rude it is, and even more so, indeed, how dangerous it is to become forgetful of the kindness and graciousness shown to you by others. Blessed is he who always brings to mind the kindness shown to him by others, and indeed, doubly blessed when he becomes forgetful of the trespasses of others and shows his trespasser kindness and graciousness and asks for nothing in return. Truly, when one is able to act in this manner, he shows that he is already blessed and that he walks in the Divine Presence.