About Us

walking-on-sandThose who are seeking a personal relationship with the Lord have witnessed and experienced false teachers and their materialistic type of "Christianity". They have been told that they must conform to a specific denomination's beliefs and rules (as non-biblical as they often prove to be), or they can only use the King James Bible if they are to understand God's Word, and a whole, innumerable list of other demands that basically make a person seeking to know Messiah to be a "Born Again Materialist", and not a real follower of the Lord. Many of us have seen this with churches popping up on every street corner. When we see people coming out of those churches, they're not happy at all. When speaking to them individually they lament about how they can not follow God's way in the manner they read about it in the Bible, but they are told they must "follow the rules of the preacher and his denomination's interpretation of the Bible".

The Community of the Brethren of Messiah profess belief in the One Supreme Godhead as the eternal, infinite, immeasurable, incomprehensible, and invisible Creator of the Universe. He is the King of the Universe and His Name is Yahweh (YHWH).

We believe Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the Son of God who came to show us the path back to the Father, who died on the cross, giving His life as a sacrifice for our sins and that He opened the opportunity to salvation for all humanity.

The foundation of our faith lies in Yeshua. By our participation in the Community of the Brethren of Messiah, we adopt the practices of the Early Church, whose members were, according to the Book of Acts, of one heart and mind, and shared all things in common. We share their simple faith, as recorded in the Apostles' Creed and the Didache. We encourage private house fellowships rather than building costly church buildings and edifices.

It is our wish to preserve the primitive faith and practices of the Biblical Apostles of the Holy Land. Their faith is explained in the New Testament as well as outlined in the Apostles' Creed. The message of the Scriptures is very clear and anything more than this goes beyond the simple teaching of the Lord and His Apostles. Thus we reject the decrees of the Greek and Roman Church Councils, believing that the Divine Teachings within the Scriptures is sufficient for a proper understanding of the First Century A.D. Faith. We do not believe that people should be bound to a denominational name as a standard in matters of faith, custom, practice or discipline. The faith that the Lord taught the disciples has been adapted for centuries in every land according to the needs of the various cultures and peoples. Yeshua transcends all cultures because He is the Light of the world.

We accept only that which is in harmony with the revealed and accepted Scriptures, namely: The Holy Scriptures (Old and New Testament) and the Didache. We follow the example of the ancient Believers in the Early Church of the New Testament who adhered to the Faith of Abraham.

hand-sunThe original followers of Yeshua in the first century A.D. were known as "followers of the Way," and they did not follow the traditions of Christianity as it is known today in many parts of the world. The Greco-Roman religion and tradition has nothing to do with the original "followers of the Way." There is a major difference between the Biblical Messiah and Greco-Roman Christianity.

While we will speak out against religions or practices that promote harm to humanity, whether that harm is in physical or spiritual form, the Brethren of Messiah will proclaim our Holy Faith without any wish to harm the faith or sentiments of other religions. We earnestly wish that all people will live in peace and harmony with one another, regardless of their religious affiliation.

Men and women are free to embrace or reject our community by using their free will without any prejudice. We never practice any kind of coercion, and we respect the peoples of all faiths. We acknowledge that God works in all who strive for truth, justice and peace, no matter which family within true religion they ascribe to.

We do not state that persons of various denominations are not our brothers and sisters in the Greater Body of Christ, but their ways are not our ways, and we find many of their customs, practices and doctrines not in harmony with the Holy Scriptures, and as such we will not permit those falsehoods to infiltrate our community.

The time has come for a serious movement that says enough to the European, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant claim of ownership over the Believers of Yeshua. We are thoroughly disgusted, sickened and opposed to Greco-Roman and watered-down forms of Christianity. People are crying out for something real in their churches and community groups. It is time to kick the snake oil salesmen to the curb, and learn from the ancient primitive church of the Lord Yeshua.

Simply because a person says he or she follows Yeshua, does not make that person a Christian. We realize that this is a very strong statement, but we wish to encourage people to walk away from the false concepts of Christianity and embrace Yeshua and His Way.

Many people living in North America are pigeon holed in churches that they need to conform to the false way, which causes the life of the individual who wants to experience the Lord in a very personal way to be drained. Greco-Roman Christianity and many Protestant sects and denominations are clothed in materialism and have thrown the precious cloak of Yeshua out in the streets in favor of Greek and Roman attire.

The Community of the Brethren of Messiah wishes to get in touch with the pre-Roman, pre-Greek, pre-European expression of the faith of Yeshua and His Apostles as expressed from our ancient cultures.